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Train with Dr. Patel who has over ten years of injecting experience.

Ready to dip your feet in the field of medical aesthetics, but don't know where to begin?  You have come to the right place!


3 hours, $500

-Spend a half day with Dr. Patel
-Observation of aesthetic treatments including botox and fillers.
-Receive Dr. Nisha's Medspa 101 Binder
-Designed for doctors/nurses who are looking into whether the field of medical aesthetics is right for them


3 hours, $2500

-Our most popular training course
-We provide the toxin/fillers (Allergan)
-Step by step instruction on how to reconstitute injectables
-Step by step hands-on injectable instruction
-Receive Dr. Nisha's Medspa 101 Binder
-Designed for doctors/providers who are ready to take the plunge
-Have your own supplies? BYOT (toxin) and fillers and take $1000 off bootcamp price.


60 min, $200

-Need help with the logistics of setting up your own medspa/practice? 
-business setup, consent forms, hiring, website, business phone line
-A la carte consulting services
-Medspa 101 Binder included with consulting services

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